To efficiently manage any construction company (increasing its effectiveness, timely execution of contracts and cost control), it is currently a pre-condition to use modern IT solutions.

Integrated system – Comarch ERP XL addresses those needs, no matter if it is a construction project management company or construction materials retailer.

Branża budowlana

Efficient project management with Comarch ERP XL

Many construction companies are running their business on a project-basis. Unfortunately, project management in construction industry is fairly difficult, mainly due to high complexity of the projects, long project cycles and high number of interdependencies with external stakeholders.

Comarch ERP XL solution has been adjusted to meet those requirements. Users of the system have access to functionalities allowing for complex project management: starting from preparation of project proposals, through negotiations phase, project budgeting and scheduling, contract management (storing various types of documents, settling work time and resources), up to project closure. Comarch ERP XL has several mechanisms that aim at streamlining project activities, e.g. direct upload functionalities from budgeting applications (ZUZIA, WINBUD).

Kosztorys projektu
Picture. Budget of the project can be defined directly in the system or with the import of XML file generated by budgeting application


Sub-contractors strongly rely on the availability of construction materials and punctuality of deliveries, to minimise the risk of delays they often have multiple suppliers within one project. Comarch ERP XL system supports companies in planning of supplies and resources, as well as automated booking and settlement of payments. Users are in control of financial liquidity of the investment and calculate efficiency KPIs of the project.

With Comarch ERP XL suite, construction company can fully utilise its potential, as it provides functionalities to:

  • Plan precisely secure level of supplies,
  • Optimize warehouse capacity,
  • Record work times of employees and assigned tasks,
  • Coordinate equipment utilization.

Bilans stanu
Picture. Balance of supplies allowing for fast calculation of stock status and warehousing needs. Mechanism calculating balance of supplies on specific date includes: current levels of stocks, planned supplies, orders sent to suppliers, planned demand and production data.


Complexity of the business processes in the construction companies causes that system generates high quantity of data output / information. However information can’t be associated with knowledge. Having that in mind, Comarch ERP XL provides Business Intelligence solution. Thanks to which, management of the enterprise, based on clear tables, charts and maps, always knows what is happening in the business and as a results can make adequate decisions.

Supporting production and distribution of construction materials

Comarch ERP XL will be a right choice not only in case of project management companies, but also in case of manufacturers of construction materials, as well as for companies managing distribution of construction materials. Our solution provides advanced support in both production and sales activities.

In manufacturing companies, depending on the technological complexity, it is possible to choose between simple assembling and complex manufacturing cycles. System enables, among others, to precisely schedule production and control production processes at all of the stages.

Interfejs sprzedaży detalicznej
Picture. The user with a dedicated interface for retail sales and the possibility to work with touchpads.


Using Comarch ERP XL entire operational sequence of managing the orders is performed automatically. Our solution facilitates preparation of customer offers, registration of orders, issuing of invoices, issuing of product release documents, preparation of shipments, up to payments settlement and booking invoices. The Comarch suite processes advanced discounts, promotional codes and lines of credits.

Comarch ERP XL can handle management of high rise warehouses. Users of the system are provided with functionalities to describe structure of their warehouses with multiple parameters. CDN XL, thanks to implemented algorithms, allows for optimal distribution of products in such warehouses. Our system supports also product shipment activities.

Gospodarka magazynowa
Picture. User of the system can instantly access info about product history, current stock levels or requested orders. Visualisation of the warehouse will enable fast verification of the storage utilization levels.

Business benefits of implementing Comarch ERP XL suite in construction industry

Thanks to our solution construction companies gain business process integration. As a result information flows become more transparent and efficient and employees save their time and as a consequence – costs.

Companies using Comarch ERP XL become more reliable partners for their clients – thanks to better control of project execution, they are more confident about meeting pre-agreed project deadlines and fitting in investment budgets. Successful project delivery impacts client satisfaction which in the long-term translates into higher profits and higher prestige of the company.

Other examples of business benefits:

  • Constant improvement of quality of offered services,
  • Reduction of workload of operational tasks,
  • Successful usage of existing and new distribution channels,
  • Improvement of internal and external communication,
  • Reduction of project execution length, leading to higher project turnovers,
  • Increased security of the contracts,
  • Simplified procurement process,
  • Integration of entire IT system landscape in company headquarters and branches / sales outlets,
  • Simplified contacts with clients,
  • Security of date storage,
  • Support in decision making process, at operational and strategic levels.