LangSystem –<br> educational institutions

LangSystem – Software NOT ONLY for language schools

LangSystem (currently only in Polish) is a complete suite for managing language schools, training companies and other educational institutions. It facilitates operations and makes them more transparent and ergonomic by:

  • Control school’s P&L,
  • Manage list of students, instructors and groups,
  • List individual classes,
  • Issue documents,
  • Develop class schedules,
  • Store tests and results,
  • Manage library,
  • Manage schedules,
  • Develop reports,
  • Create charts with e.g. with financial result of the school,
  • Smoothen work of school’s secretariat.

LangSystem has been designed and developed in close cooperation with multiple schools. In that way our software caters real business needs of large number of language schools. Undoubtedly major benefit of using LangSystem is its efficiency in solving one of the largest problems of schools – controlling student obligations.

School on-line? That’s right!

LangSystem cooperates with web-based tool SEKRETARIAT ON-LINE LS, thanks to which course participants and school lectors have instant access to all necessary information, such as course schedule, class turnout, students’ results, payments and obligations and didactic materials.

Our integrated solution is used by several hundreds of language schools, dance schools and educational or training institutions.

Clients emphasize: ”LangSystem is easy to use and offers multiple functionalities, that are combined with low technical requirements. Therefore trainings of new employees to use programs of the schools are no longer an issue, after just a few days they can smoothly work with LangSystem”

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