In companies specialising in trading and merchant activities or offering other types of services, most of business activities aim at acquiring the largest pool of consumers. Fierce competition on the market and constantly changing customer preferences, as well as number of business processes and their complexity result in the fact that in order to gain competitive advantage companies have to invest in modern IT solutions supporting managerial decisions.

We offer wide range of solutions streamlining management of trading and service companies.


Comuter systems for trade and services:

Comarch ERP XL

Comarch ERP XL suite is dedicated to medium and large production, trading and services companies. Thanks to expanded functionalities it offers full support and automation of business processes in the company. Wide range of functionalities enables full client-customization of the system.

Comarch ERP XL suite gives an opportunity to support sales processes – from a sales inquiry, through a sales proposal preparation, up to a final order. Among many improvements one can enumerate: expanded pricing functionalities (with price-lists in multiple currencies, promotions and discounts) or managing sales/distribution with usage of various documents supporting that process

Comarch ERP Altum

Intelligent business platform Comarch ERP Altum is an ideal solution for those enterprises operating in trade and services sectors, that look for above-average elasticity of their IT systems.

Thanks to built-in Workflow tool even the most complex processes in sales or logistics can be managed. As a consequence more activities can be processed automatically without any human interaction. Comarch ERP Altum solution enables sales forecasting and building product baskets. It is also equipped with advanced analytical Business Intelligence tools, crucial in sales monitoring.

Comarch ERP Optima

Comarch ERP Optima (and especially Trade module) addresses business needs of micro, small and medium enterprises focusing on sales and distribution of goods.

Thanks to that solution companies can simplify their warehousing processes (issue merchant and warehouse documents or describe stocks with the attributes and unlimited number of prices).

e-commerce B2C

Trading can not be limited to traditional sales channels nowadays, but should also (or exclusively) go to online sales.

Comarch E-shop is a modern online store that has been developed with current e*commerce B2C trends. The shop is integrated with Comarch ERP systems that automated order handling, including making invoices or import clients data.

Comarch ERP Mobile

Comarch Mobile are an innovative mobile apps which enables to perform company activities with the support of mobile devices. Thanks to them managers can efficiently manage staff and sales representatives and execute their tasks out of the office, using only their smartphones or tablets.

Examples of Comarch Mobile apps:

  • Comarch Mobile Sales Representative
  • Comarch Mobile Warehouse Manager
  • Comarch WMS Managment