Comarch Mobile

Comarch Mobile

Comarch ERP Mobile is an innovative platform which enables to perform daily activities with the support of mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, smartphones, tablets).

Manage your company with mobile applications

Thanks to them managers can efficiently manage staff and sales representatives and execute their tasks being remote from the office. Comarch ERP Mobile platform allows to reduce number of mistakes of warehouse staff and to reduce operational costs of logistics department.

Examples of Comarch Mobile apps:

Comarch ERP Mobile Sales Representative

Application dedicated to Sales Reps – it can support extensive sales forces. Thank to that solution it is possible to e.g. issue and print out an invoice and collect payments, all while visiting a client.

Comarch ERP Mobile Warehouse Manager

Dedicated to employees from logistics departments who can use tablets to more efficiently perform their duties.

Comarch ERP Mobile Management

Enable efficient managementof mobile workers, their actions, and sales from a single web application.

Make sure you can easily monitor the effects of work and manage your sales or service staff.