Comarch e-Commerce B2C

Functional e-Commerce B2C

e-Commerce market is developing very fast. Online shop has become not only an excellent addition to the stationary sales channel, but also to many businesses the only form of activity. E-shop allows you to sell your products 24 hours a day to the customers from all over the world.

We do the implementations of modern e-shop developed by Comarch. The biggest advantage of this solution is integration with Comarch ERP system that automates many activieties.

E-shop application is constantly developed by releasing new versions several times a year.
Comarch tracks of e-commerce trends and update Comarch e-Shop with new modules and functionalities:

  • integration with external services
  • optimised positioning on Google
  • responsive technology
  • modern layout
  • reports and analysis
  • and many other

e-Shop Functionalities

Funkcjonalności eSklepu