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Comarch ERP XL (formerly CDN XL) is a fully-integrated and multi-module ERP system, that is dedicated to medium and large retail, manufacturing or service companies. Thanks to expanded functionalities it enables to full support and automate business process of our clients. Furthermore, the system can operate in online and offline modes in companies having multiple locations with complicated flow of documents.

Comarch XL suite perfectly supports operations of sales agents, retail POS and multiple branches / outlets of the enterprise. Comarch ERP XL enables to use modern forms of eCommerce with the EDI systems. There is also possibility to lease the system or using it in ASP (Application Service Provision) mode.

XL ERP system

Business stability

Comarch ERP XL is a Polish product, adjusted to local and European economic frameworks. The system has been designed by highly qualified product designers, IT developers and business consultants, who combined with Authorised Integrators of Comarch ERP XL offer strong support for clients. Each new version of the Comarch ERP XL system reflects changes in legal regulations, as well as development of new functionalities increasing ergonomics of the system.

Flexibility and effectiveness

Comarch ERP XL operates in client-server mode. Thanks to well developed technology – Microsoft SQL Server – it offers stability in operations and security of the data stored, as well as integration with the Microsoft Office package applications. Additional tools give possibility to complement functionalities of our system. Uniqueness and high quality of the product has been confirmed the ‘Designer for Microsoft BackOffice’ certificate.


  • Automation of activities and reduction of risks of errors while operating on large databases,
  • Optimization of enterprise resources usage, combined with control and improvement of productivity,
  • Saving of time and costs associated with one-time data input,
  • Real-time data zfrom multiple areas of the enterprise (company resources, financials, etc.) accessible in different cuts and at defined complexity level.

Strong producer

Comarch as the only company among the three biggest suppliers of ERP systems in Poland has recently increased its market share, as shown by the research firm IDC’s report The Enterprise Application Software Market in Poland: 2016-2020 Forecasts and 2015 Vendor Shares.

Najwięksi dostawcy ERP w Polsce
raport Poland Enterprise Application Software Market 2017-2021 Forecasts and 2016 Vendor Shares

Proven Solution

XL ERP system is currently used by 5000 companies from a variety of industries.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with Case Study as Comarch ERP XL has improved the work of individual Clients.

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